Author: Eugenia Logvinova

autoclitics 0


Auto…what? Yep, autoclitics. Verbal behavior goes way past our basic tacts and mands. Here’s a visual to help make sense of them.

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Commenting Board Game

Cool! OK. Bummer 🙁 The ability to comment allows us to verbally acknowledge the speaker’s initiation as well as to share our opinions about it, even if it’s just with one word. As learners...

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Pretend Play | Baby

They’ll go gaga for this play theme! Anyone can be a baby! Take turns being a parent or a baby, or even teach some independent play by using a doll or stuffed animal! If...

stuffed bear in bandages 0

Pretend Play | Doctor

Say AAAAH! Don’t have any medical equipment? That’s okay! Here are some common household items that should work just fine! Prop ideas: Bandaids: stickers Cast: large sock or toilet paper Injection: pen Stethoscope: headphones...

birthday dog 0

Pretend Play | Dog

Who’s a good boy?! Walking on all fours and barking at the door is not for the timid clinician. If you want to elicit some smiles and confuse the family pets, you’re going to...

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Pretend Play | Cat

Are you kitten me?! Whether you plan on chasing mice or sitting in boxes, this visual can help your learners expand their feline repertoire. I guarantee your little buddies will get a kick out...