Sorting Sarcasm, Truth, & Lies

Sarcasm is such a tricky thing to teach! Here’s a fun activity to help build sarcasm skills!

Basic rules:

Truth is something that you can see or can prove.

Sarcasm is the OPPOSITE of the truth. Usually, ONE word is switched with its opposite to make a sarcastic statement.

  • Ice is HOT
  • Fire is COLD
  • Giraffes are SHORT

Lies switch a true word with a different word, but not quite the opposite.

  • Your mom’s name is TRACY (when it’s actually Jenny)
  • Your hair is blue (when it’s actually blonde)
  • It’s raining (when it’s actually sunny)

Use the cards to have your learner sort statements between the three categories (truth, sarcasm, lie). I added a bonus blank page so you can write examples using the learner’s knowledge and environment.

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