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Affordable CEUs for BCBAs

Motivate-U – Chief Motivating Officers Anytime ($7+/CEU) https://motivate-u.chiefmotivatingofficers.com/ OBM Skill Share Reading Club FREE monthly event hosted by Chief Motivating Officers (no CEUs, but a great learning opportunity). https://motivate-u.chiefmotivatingofficers.com/courses/obm-reading-club?fbclid=IwAR25frW6tLYQ4J12LUWG3trjuvBIcl9YEVbSgcLabWwMQkK0F1F1QcXOIiM Practicing in Health, Sport, and...


Should We Be Targeting Non-Compliance?

Let’s talk about “non-compliance.” I hear people use this term A LOT in Facebook group threads, classrooms, and even ABA practices when referring to maladaptive behavior that occurs after a demand is placed. Here...

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What is ABA?

(Applied Behavior Analysis) Some people think of the Behavior Analysis Unit in the show Criminal Minds when they hear about ABA. As a behavior analyst, I can tell you with 100% certainty that I...

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Prompt Hierarchy

Independent responses are goal, right? That means that the learner elicit the desired response by themself as soon as the sD is presented. sD= discriminative stimulus AKA the cue to engage in the behavior...

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Auto…what? Yep, autoclitics. Verbal behavior goes way past our basic tacts and mands. Here’s a visual to help make sense of them.